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Organic One Black Espresso

$ 8.50

All orders placed by 12am (midnight) PST will be roasted and shipped the following business day. 

This espresso is blended to be a staple espresso. It is well rounded, chocolaty and heavy in body so that it cuts through milk well but is still pleasant on the palate as a straight shot or in an Americano.  This coffee is a daily drinker.  The strong chocolate characteristic blends well with sugar and produces an excellent sweetened latte.  Like the non-organic One Black this coffee is medium roasted to create a balanced flavor profile that will suit the every day espresso drinker who enjoys an espresso that still has a 'coffee' taste but also appreciates a lighter roast which preserves more of the origin characteristics of the individual blend components.


ORIGIN // Honudras - Marcala, Brazil - Nossa Senhora, Sumatra - Takengon Ketiara
TASTE // Milk Chocolate, Caramel, a bit of spice 
PROCESS // Wet Processed


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