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Wholesale Spotlight : Five07

Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, The Five07 is a coffeehouse, eatery, and community space with whom we’ve been partnered since well before they opened in January of this year. Already known for their delicious food and precisely brewed coffee, we’re proud to have our products served at The Five07; our One Black Espresso serves as their house espresso, and our single origin coffees are a rotating selection among other stellar roasters on the pour-over bar. I had the chance to ask Sean McCarthy (who along with his wife, Amber, is one of the founders and owners of The Five07) a few questions about the genesis of the shop, their approach to coffee, and his favorite coffee drinks. His responses are enlightening, interesting, and, as always, hilarious. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about how The Five07 got started, as well as how your relationship with Centri began.

We had the vision of opening a creative community space in Thousand Oaks. That was the initial inspiration, which then had a rapid buildup of ideas - smoothies, local art, music, and of course coffee. We saw the Centri logo (this was way back in 2015) alongside a Topa Topa Brewing beer and decided to do a cupping with Dillon - it was a perfect collaboration right off the bat! Three years later we were finally able to make everything come to fruition!

What do you think sets The Five07 apart from other coffee shops in the area?
We are open until midnight and feature live music on weekends + curated playlists throughout the week. In addition to that, we also feature a rotating single origin roast on espresso and pour over from different roasters across the country, to join our Centri House roasts!

What’s your favorite aspect of running a coffeehouse?

Seeing the community come together with positive energy, no doubt about it.

What are your growth plans for the Five07?

We’re still in our first year, and so are aggressively honing in on how we can get better every single day. Once we feel we are at a reproducible spot, who knows.

What’s your favorite coffee drink/the best Centri coffee you’ve had?


Many thanks to Sean for answering my questions.

The Five07 is located at 2036 E Avenida De Los Arboles Suite C, in Thousand Oaks, CA, and is open 7:30am – Midnight every day.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy some tasty coffee and food if you’re ever in the area!


Interview By : Bret Colman, Director of Coffee / Head Roaster, Centri Coffee

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