Certifications + Partnerships


USDACentri Coffee is a certified organic coffee roasterie. We strive to offer products that meet our quality standards and are responsibly produced in line with our Stewardship Philosophy. Unfortunately just buying organic green coffee does not necessarily result in a high quality roasted product. Because of this our efforts to roast quality coffees that are also produced in a responsible manner are essentially in conflict with one another. Adding to the struggle is the fact that out of all the coffees available only a small percentage X is available certified organic. What is a roaster to do? Our solution is to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. We offer a range of certified organic coffees alongside or conventionally grown ones. This way we can offer the best of the best while still keeping our promise to do what we can to protect our world. Check out this blog post for the inside scoop on organic coffee. Check out our single origins, and organics.


Fair TradeFair Trade coffee guarantees that the farmers and producing cooperatives are paid a fair price for their products no matter what the market price is. This extra money paid to the growers is mandated to be reinvested in the cooperatives in the form of housing, sanitation projects, and schools. Fair trade guarantees that the money paid for the coffee goes back directly to the farmers. In addition to our organic line Centri Coffee offers Fair Trade coffees when we can find products up to our quality standards. Usually you can find at least one in our offering. Keep a look out for the Fair Trade title on our packaging, or on our site.