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Guatemala Antigua Coban Fatima

$ 12.00

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The Roasrio de Fátima farm is located between 4,000 and 4,800 feet with an annual rainfall of 3,000mm in the Cobán region, department of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. The owner, Jörg Sterkel, grows primarily Caturra, shaded by Inga trees in Limestone and clay soil. Cobán is cloudy, rainy, and cool all year long. Most of Cobán coffee is cultivated on the area's distinctive rolling hills, under the tropical influences of the Atlantic Basin, in limestone and clay soils. Cobán has two seasons: rainy and rainier. Coban's celebrated chipichipi frequently engulfs the region in the fine mist that falls from the dense cloud cover.

TG-LAB is a Guatemalan owned and operated coffee laboratory that is solely dedicated to the creation of specialty coffee. TG-LAB's work is rooted in the principle of traceability, which they define as knowing where coffee comes from and who produced it. Based on this principle, TG-LAB has created unique programs to engage with farms in order to add value to their work and produce better coffee.  Farms that have been working with TG-LAB for many years has a detailed blueprint of their coffee production and has identified where their most exceptional coffees are growing.  Additionally, TG-LAB has developed an innovative financial model that allows farmers more control over the pricing and destinations of their coffees.


ORIGIN // Guatemala -Coban Fatima
REGION // Antigua - Alta Verapaz, Cobán
ALTITUDE // 4,000 - 4,800 feet
VARIETAL // Caturra
HARVEST PERIOD // January - April

PROCESS // Fully washed, sun-dried on patios
TASTE // Blood Orange, Nougat, & Walnut



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